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Tolila+Gilliland Atelier d'Architecture 2019 Catalogue

Catalogue design for Paris based firm, Tolila+Gilliland Atelier d’Architecture, showcasing the breadth of their work from 2019 and beyond.
The folio of work is compiled into a magazine concept, publishing bi-annually with news, updates, and accolades.

About Tolila+Gilliland Atelier d'Architecture
Based in Paris, the Atelier d’Architecture Tolila+Gilliland develops public and private architecture and urban planning projects in France, in the U.S., and abroad. The architectural practice of the atelier is characterized by a broad range of programs: urban planning (development, city districts) housing (collective housing, entire blocks), public buildings (ERP, museums, cinemas), offices (single or multi-user) and shops (shops, multi-programs). These projects have allowed them to gain experience in project management, multidisciplinary teamwork and sustainable design. This approach allows them to construct a project which is always adapted to the specific context and unique to each site by highlighting its history and its geography.