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The Miami Rail

Identity system, publication design, and website for The Miami Rail, The Brooklyn Rail's first editorial expansion and dual city collaboration.

The Brooklyn Rail, a non-profit journal providing an independent forum for arts, culture, and politics throughout New York City and far beyond, extended it's conceptual rail to Miami establishing it's first ever sister publication The Miami Rail, aimed at providing critical coverage of arts, politics and culture in South Florida. STUDIO LHOOQ developed an identity system where logotype and mark can function as parts or a whole. The color and typography was in direct response to The Brooklyn Rail's desire to maintain a stylistic relationship between the two publications. The line is simultaneously rail and framing device. The studio applied this system in designing the newsprinted magazine and website. For it's inaugural issue, STUDIO LHOOQ art directed and photographed the cover image, capturing the complex visual interplay of form, leisure, and theory within the artist's studio.