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The Galaxy Song | David Kordansky Gallery

Exhibition catalogue design for The Galaxy Song, an exhibition featuring unique silkscreen prints and paintings by Matthew Brannon, and paintings and sculpture by artists and fashion designers Elijah Funk & Alix Ross (Online Ceramics), who have become widely recognized for their t-shirt designs, among other projects

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For both Brannon and Funk & Ross, The Galaxy Song is an occasion to treat the motifs, cosmic mindfulness, and countercultural narratives associated with the Grateful Dead as springboards for open experimentation. While the 1960s-era, psychedelic origins of the Dead—as well as the band's propensity for inspiring its fans to reinterpret its densely interwoven iconographies—provide the show's major conceptual through lines, it is just as much a celebration of the possibilities inherent to the screenprinting process as an improvisatory dive into the dark, weird, humorous spaces in America's past, present, and future.