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Mirror with a Memory – Carnegie Museum of Art

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    Exhibition Catalogue
    Pages: 360
    Publisher: Carnegie Museum of Art
    Editor: David B. Olsen
    Authors: Dan Leers and Taylor Fisch
    Distributor: D.A.P. | Distributed Art Publishers
    Book documentation: Bryan Conley
    ISBN: 978 0 88039 066 8
Mirror with a Memory explores the intersection between AI, photography and surveillance—its past, present and future—to underscore concerns about implicit bias, right to privacy and police monitoring embedded in corporate, military and law enforcement applications. This publication takes the form of an illustrated reader containing new scholarship, original translations of historical texts, relevant case law, and commissioned artworks. Topics discussed in the book examine the history and present state of biometric, aerial, and behavioral surveillance, and how artists have used their work to expose and disrupt these systems.

Aperture 2021 PhotoBook Awards Shortlist — Photography Catalogue of the Year

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The reader will consist of contributions by authors including journalist Adrian Chen, scholar Joshua Ellenbogen, and curator Corey Keller. The publication will also feature extensive illustrations of work by artists such as Alphonse Bertillon, Harun Farocki, Eadward Muybridge, and Martha Rosler, alongside new commissions from Zach Blas, Mimi Onuoha, and Martine Syms.