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New Museum 2018 Triennial

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    Organized by Gary Carrion-Murayari
    and Alex Gartenfeld

    280 pp.
    8 x 11.75 inches
    4/4 Coated
    3/3 Uncoated
    Smythe sewn

    Hardbound (Flexi)
    Paper wrapped

    Printed by
    Die Keure, Belgium
STUDIO LHOOQ produced a large-format, fully illustrated 280 page flexi-bound hardcover exhibition catalogue for the New Museum's 2018 Triennial titled, “Songs for Sabotage,” organized by Gary Carrion-Murayari and Alex Gartenfeld. Through the integrated use of duotone day glow orange, deep violet and mutating typographic system, the catalogue vibrates the senses, capturing the energy and boldness of the exhibition itself.

“Songs for Sabotage” explores interventions into cities, infrastructures, and the networks of everyday life, proposing objects that might create common experience.
The exhibition takes as a given that these structures are linked to the entrenched powers of colonialism and institutionalized racism that magnify inequity. Through their distinct approaches, the artists in “Songs for Sabotage” offer models for dismantling and replacing the political and economic networks that envelop today’s global youth. Invoking the heightened role of identity in today’s culture, they take on the technological, economic, and material structures that stand in the way of collectivity.

Cian Dayrit (b. 1989, Manila, Philippines) Violet Dennison (b. 1989, Bridgeport, CT) Tomm El-Saieh (b. 1984, Port-au-Prince, Haiti) Janiva Ellis (b. 1987, Oakland, CA) Claudia Martínez Garay (b. 1983, Ayacucho, Peru) Haroon Gunn-Salie (b. 1989, Cape Town, South Africa) Matthew Angelo Harrison (b. 1989, Detroit) Tiril Hasselknippe (b. 1984, Arendal, Norway) Inhabitants (founded in 2015, New York, NY, by Pedro Neves Marques and Mariana Silva) with Margarida Mendes; KERNEL (founded in 2009, Athens, Greece, by Pegy Zali, Petros Moris, and Theodoros Giannakis) Manolis D. Lemos (b. 1989, Athens, Greece) Zhenya Machneva (b. 1988, Leningrad, Russia) Chemu Ng’ok (b. 1989, Nairobi, Kenya) Gresham Tapiwa Nyaude (b. 1988, Harare, Zimbabwe) Daniela Ortiz (b. 1985, Cusco, Peru) Lydia Ourahmane (b. 1992, Saïda, Algeria) Hardeep Pandhal (b. 1985, Birmingham, UK) Dalton Paula (b. 1982, Brasília, Brazil) Julia Phillips (b. 1985, Hamburg, Germany) Wong Ping (b. 1984, Hong Kong) Anupam Roy (b. 1985, West Bengal, India) Manuel Solano (b. 1987, Mexico City, Mexico); Diamond Stingily (b. 1990, Chicago, IL) Song Ta (b. 1988, Leizhou, China) Wilmer Wilson IV (b. 1989, Richmond, VA); Shen Xin (b. 1990, Chengdu, China)

Contributing Writers
Elizabeth A. Povinelli
Evan Calder Williams